Anais EnAJUS 2021

ISSN 2674-8401

Public Management Compliance: Access to Information Versus Data Protection

Autoria: Luisa de Almeida Naves, Sabrina Rigamonte de França, Max Cirino de Mattos, Paulo Barbosa de Castro


Sessão Online 03 - 25/10/2021, Das 7h00 às 8h50 (Horário de Brasília) Das 11h às 12h50 (Horário de Portugal)
Mediação: Caio Castelliano (Universidade de Brasília)


This report discusses the conflict between two fundamental rights: the right to privacy and the right to access public information. This theme originated from an ongoing research project that deals with the performance measurement and management of public servers at the Court of Justice of Minas Gerais (TJMG). These employees work in civil departments carrying out procedural activities in the so-called Electronic Judicial Process (PJE). The project led to the development of a management tool that analyzes the performance data available in the productivity reports extracted from the Judiciary Strategic Information System (SIJUD) portal. The methodology used in the project was Design Science Research, which is a prescriptive methodology that ensures rigor and scientific relevance for the developed artifacts. The reflections presented deal with the problem awareness phase, and their arguments were mainly obtained from document analysis. The jurisprudence and doctrine studied favor the applicability of the tool which is shown as a way to collaborate towards the fulfillment of constitutional principles, in addition to following the trends of a more open and participatory government. Considering the benefits generated by the dissemination of public management information, there is the opportunity for the development of technological initiatives by those who are not a direct member of these public institutions, which can generate, as a consequence, contributions to increase the effectiveness of their administration. This is also associated with the implementation and discussion of more modern and innovative practices for the public sector.


Electronic Judicial Process, Design Science Research, Power BI, General Data Protection Law, Access to Information Law
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