Anais EnAJUS 2021

ISSN 2674-8401

Theory and Practice: Women Victims of Sexual Violence in Criminal Justice Systems

Autoria: Monique Anderson, Sabela Oubiña Barbolla, Helena Soleto Muñoz, Nieves Pérez Mata, Evelien Claes, Daniel Rodríguez Horcajo, Jessica Jullien de Asis


Sessão Online 03 - 25/10/2021, Das 7h00 às 8h50 (Horário de Brasília) Das 11h às 12h50 (Horário de Portugal)
Mediação: Caio Castelliano (Universidade de Brasília)


This report is part of RE-TREAT project. The overall aim of this project is to boost procedural and organisational changes in the criminal proceedings within the justice systems in order to improve their responsiveness to the particular needs of women victims of sexual crimes. Almost a decade ago, the Directive 2012/29/EU envisaged an individual assessment for all victims, considering his/her personal circumstances and the nature and special characteristics of the crime, expressly mentioning sexual violence. The report explores how well criminal justice system (CJS) treat victims of sexual violence in Greece, Italy and Spain. This study shows the gap between the black letter law and the law in action. Although the VRD implementation has led to some improvements in certain areas, many challenges remain as acute as ever. The content will address two topics. On the one hand, an approach to the common and specific obstacles that victims of sexual crimes face when they try to engage with the CJS in three European Member States. On the other hand, a collection of best and promising practices with regard to the treatment of victims of sexual violence during the criminal process and an assessment framework based around nine key elements of effective practice (KEEPs).


woman victims of sexual violence; obstacles criminal proceedings; criminal justice professionals training; policy recommendations; Directive 2012/29/EU.
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