Anais EnAJUS 2021

ISSN 2674-8401

Administração da Justiça Morosa sob a Espada da Responsabilidade Civil Pública

Autoria: Ricardo Lopes Dinis Pedro


Sessão Online 08 - 26/10/2021, Das 10h00 às 11h50(Horário de Brasília) Das 14h00 às 15h50 (Horário de Portugal)
Mediação: Fabricio Castagna Lunardi (Escola Nacional de Formação e Aperfeiçoamento de Magistrados-ENFAM e Tribunal de Justiça do Distrito Federal e dos Territórios)


The present article deals with the characterisation of the administration of Justice as the realisation of the fundamental right to effective Justice. In particular, it approaches the theme of the slowness of Justice in Portugal from the perspective of public civil liability, that is, in the extent that it works as a means to ensure the repair of damage caused by the slow administration of Justice. The civil liability of the State for the administration of Justice is not a new theme in the national legal system; however, it presents some specificities worthy of analysis and revealing a vast national and international case law. In addition, the administration of Portuguese Justice reveals private phenomena that exercise public functions with implications for determining the regime of civil liability to be applied in the hypotheses in which such private parties cause damage to the administrators of Justice. Lastly, a brief reference is made to the possible impact of the crisis of the State on the figure of public civil liability.


Effectiveness of Justice, Sluggish Administration of Justice, State, Execution Agents, Crisis.
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