Anais EnAJUS 2021

ISSN 2674-8401

Apreensões de Armas no Espírito Santo - Georreferenciamento das Apreensões do Ano de 2018

Autoria: Fabricio Sabaini dos Santos


Sessão Online 09 - 26/10/2021, Das 10h00 às 11h50(Horário de Brasília) Das 14h00 às 15h50 (Horário de Portugal)
Mediação: Andersson Pereira dos Santos (Polícia Federal e Universidade de Brasília)


In Brazil, the concern with urban crime is inevitable in the strategic planning of public security, and State actions for its prevention and repression should be considered. Firearms are the means used to commit more than 70% of intentional lethal crimes in Brazil. In the state of Espírito Santo, approximately 80%. These crimes are also practiced mostly in the urban context. The issue of illegal weapons in circulation in Brazil is a challenge in public security policy, at a time when the intention is not only to prevent weapons from becoming illegal, but also to remove them as illegal weapons from the possession of criminals. Based on these statements, we worked on the data on seizures of illegal weapons in the state of Espírito Santo in the year 2018, segregating their calibers, and cartographically circumscribing the exact location where they were seized, bringing as a final product the possibility of managing the seizures, in such a way that an objective can be drawn to increase the effectiveness in combating illegal weapons.


Illegal weapons. Seizures. Georeferencing. Urban violence. Public policy.
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