Anais EnAJUS 2021

ISSN 2674-8401

Judicial Review of Regulatory Matters: Divergences and Boundaries between Courts and Regulatory Agencies

Autoria: Jeovan Assis da Silva

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Sessão Online 16 - 27/10/2021, Das 7h00 às 8h50 (Horário de Brasília) Das 11h às 12h50 (Horário de Portugal)
Mediação: Jeovan Assis da Silva (Universidade de Brasília)


Regulatory agencies have proliferated around the world, emerging as an institutional expression of state adaptation to the age of governance. Little attention has been devoted to the relationship between regulatory agencies and courts, despite its relevance to a broader understanding of modern regulatory governance. Through judicial review of regulatory decisions, courts and regulatory agencies are often called upon to resolve issues involving complex scientific and technical evidence (Vibert, 2014). The choice of an institution to achieve specific goals involves a broad range of possible legal and public policy outcomes, with far- reaching implications for the field of regulation.


Regulatory agencies, regulation, courts, judicial review, judicialization.
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